What’s this podcast all about? Well everything important. And nothing in particular. In between all that, we solve world problems. Micromanage each other’s personal lives. Tell stories. Riff on social and cultural happenings. Predict the future. Mock ignorance wherever we find it. And generally rant, rave and question the things you’re not supposed to talk about in “polite circles” – especially politics, sex, and religion. After seven years of having coffee and great conversations every Friday morning, we thought you might enjoy our chats as much as we did, so we decided to launch this podcast! Join us for an always authentic, hopefully enlightening and entertaining conversation.

In the OR Show, Carl and Mike must decide between five sets of either/or possibilities in just five minutes. Can they navigate their way between five difficult choices? Find out as they tackle these five dichotomies!

1) Cooler guy - Paul Newman OR Johnny Depp?

2) Thai food OR Mexican?

3) East Coast OR West Coast?

4) Best Director — Hitchcock OR Scorsese?

5) Best Stand Up Comic — George Carlin OR Richard Pryor?


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On Stupidest Questions From Yahoo Answers -- the Sequel, Carl and Mike take on 5 more of the dumbest, mind-numbing and downright weird questions sent in to Yahoo Answers. Plus answer a bonus questions for good measure!

Watch Carl and Mike tackle these really stupid questions...
1) What is the phobia of chainsaws called?
2) Is an egg a fruit or a vegetable?
3) What is the density of a penis at melting point?
4) Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sounds of space battles?
5) If I eat myself would I become twice as big or disappear completely?

Bonus Question: Is there a scientific purpose to butt hair?

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In Tribe Trumps Reality, a look at the weirdness of Ben Carson, and a prediction by Carl that his campaign ends badly. Then Carl and Mike wonder about the power of political ideology. Mike offers a radical proposal to offset the cost of medicine, but Carl isn’t optimistic. All that and Mike’s cat goes missing. Leave your blind obedience at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike.

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In Let There Be Light, Carl shares the wordsmithing of William Tyndale, who is credited with much of the translation that became the King James Bible. Plus infiltrating the Vatican using Mexican tunnels. Then the fallout from the CNBC Republican debate, the enigma that is Ben Carson, and trying to shed light the great philosophical divide around private sector vs public sector. Leave your enlightenment at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!


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In this episode of 5?:5Min Carl and Mike struggle to answer five questions from geography challenged people.

1) How far a drive is it from Miami to Florida?

2) What state is Toronto in?

3) Does it rain in Australia?

4) What part of Africa is Jamaica from?

5) Where is the Internet located and is it open to the public?

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In Disruptive Economy Carl and Mike discuss the disruptive nature of the new sharing economy and other advancing technologies. Plus debate, wonder and brainstorm on what’s the next big thing, tesla, exponential change and chicks with dicks. It’s Thought Leadership at its finest…or not.

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