What’s this podcast all about? Well everything important. And nothing in particular. In between all that, we solve world problems. Micromanage each other’s personal lives. Tell stories. Riff on social and cultural happenings. Predict the future. Mock ignorance wherever we find it. And generally rant, rave and question the things you’re not supposed to talk about in “polite circles” – especially politics, sex, and religion. After seven years of having coffee and great conversations every Friday morning, we thought you might enjoy our chats as much as we did, so we decided to launch this podcast! Join us for an always authentic, hopefully enlightening and entertaining conversation.

In this episode potential Presidential candidates Carl and Mike answer five direct questions on foreign policy matters to help potential voters understand what the overall Foreign Policy philosophy would be in a Carl and Mike administration. It all goes pretty well until Mike drops a few word bombs...

The five Foreign Policy questions they tackle are:

1) What’s your stand on going to war?

2) What’s your Middle East policy?

3) How would you handle an unstable dictator like Kim Yung Un?

4) Who would make a good Secretary of State?

5) Would you negotiate with terrorists?


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Carl and Mike celebrate their 50th episode by highlighting some of the personal and audience favorite episodes. Then Carl and Mike unveil some specific tax and economic policies focused around the need for a simplified tax code and a livable wage. Plus the politics of fear and other dirty little lies.

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In Meep, Meep Mutha!, Carl and Mike admire Obama’s deft “roadrunner” like moves that are transforming his lame duck status while keeping Republicans off balance and unable to stop him. Plus they share their own difficulties in exploring a run for President, marvel at the Donald’s latest antics and mourn the loss of a pet.

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If you’re going to explore running for President you need to go through a vetting process. Normally these Presidential vetting questions can be quite extensive, but we’re going to vet ourselves by answering the following five, painfully probing, questions in just five minutes.

As part of our exploring running for President we’ll be posting additional episodes shortly outlining some of our ideas for our country. In the meantime we invite you to do the following.

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Yep we’ve decided to explore running for President. Huh? Yes… of the United States. Look somebody who is NOT crazy, lusting for power, or in the pocket of corporations and sugar daddy/sugar babe billionaires has got to do it. So why not us?

In this episode we answer five, of what we think would be the most commonly asked questions you would ask us about our exploratory adventure. And we try to answer them in just five minutes.

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Carl and Mike decide to explore running for President and begin to sketch out in broad terms what their platform might look like; including ideas on wages. Plus conversation on the need to avoid complexities in politics, embrace best practices and use common sense. Along with side conversations on Greece, Social Security and Carpool Karaoke. Leave your air of invincibility at the door, it's time for Carl and Mike!

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Carl and Mike explore the mentality of extremists and others holding absolutist views. Plus a conversation on Obama’s plan to raise overtime pay for salaried workers. And a proposal to create a CEO to worker pay ratio. Finally, dreaming of brain chips turns into a small debate about technologies role in the fate of mankind. Oh, and Richard Nixon belongs in the What a Dick Hall of Fame.

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All the questions from this episode come from friend of the show Melanie Chursinoff. She writes...

Dear Abby's Twisted Uncles, I have five questions for y'all. 
1. My great uncle is 85 years old and still chases women. Do you think that's normal? 
2. Where does inspiration come from? 
3. What comes first geometry or space? 
4. What is one biggest thing you need to have to start your own business? 
5. What is the biggest block to our Freedom? 
If you answer any of these questions, please let me know. Thanx in advance.
Well Melanie we thought your questions we're so good that we've decided to go ahead and answer not just one, but ALL FIVE of your questions and attempt to do it in just five minutes.
Got questions for Carl and Mike? Email your questions to questions@carlandmike.net or tweet us @carlandmike
For the video edition of 5?:5Min CLICK HERE
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Carl and Mike attempt a conversation on race and find it a tough one to tackle and keep on point. They begin by looking at each person’s starting point on life. Share a story on racism in hiring. Struggle to understand the black experience. Talk about how smartphones are shedding light on the injustices of being Black in America and America as the melting pot of the world. Plus a campaign finance update and a limp What a Dick.

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In Supreme Intelligence, Carl and Mike talk about recent Supreme Court rulings – on gay marriage and on declawing the EPA and look at how the polarization in the country is manifested even in the Supreme Court.

Plus they scratch their head over two stories; CNN mistaken an ISIS flag at a gay pride parade and Wal-Mart baking an ISIS cake.

Mike also reports on how foreign money infiltrates our political campaigns. And they have a meandering conversation on Seinfeld. Games of Thrones, 25-year olds and what it would take to elect an Independent Presidential candidate.  

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