What’s this podcast all about? Well everything important. And nothing in particular. In between all that, we solve world problems. Micromanage each other’s personal lives. Tell stories. Riff on social and cultural happenings. Predict the future. Mock ignorance wherever we find it. And generally rant, rave and question the things you’re not supposed to talk about in “polite circles” – especially politics, sex, and religion. After seven years of having coffee and great conversations every Friday morning, we thought you might enjoy our chats as much as we did, so we decided to launch this podcast! Join us for an always authentic, hopefully enlightening and entertaining conversation.

After seven years of meeting for coffee every week, we decided to take our conversations public. We launched Carl and Mike on iTunes on October 14, 2014 so this is a Best of 2014 really only covers the last three months of the year. In Part 1 we talk about Sex, Life, Advertising and Death in pretty much that order. We hope you enjoy it and if do, please subscribe to Carl and Mike on iTunes at: podjocks.com or on Stitcher at: carlandmike.net/stitcher to get all our episodes in 2015 downloaded to your favorite device!

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On Episode 6 of 5Q:5M (5 Questions in 5 Minutes) Carl and Mike answer these five questions.


1) How do you feel about Proverbs?

2) Do you Tweet?

3) If Davy Crockett didn’t die at the alamo, should the history be changed, or let the legend stand?

4) If one song was shot out into space for other life forms to learn about us, what song would it be?

5. If you could change one things about Christmas, what would it be?


Got a question for Carl and Mike? Any question is fair game. Send us your question(s) at our website at: carlandmike.net or by twitter @carlandmike


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Special Holiday edition of 5 Questions in 5 Minutes (5Q:5M) Thank you for your support this past year! Send your questions via twitter @carlandmike or in the comments section at carlandmike.net Happy Holidays from Carl and Mike!

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A conversation about the implications of the hack on Sony by North Korea morphs into a deeper talk on the rise of (AI) artificial intelligence and it’s ability to act ethically, be mindful or even follow the Golden Rule. Our political talk centers around the recent change in policy towards Cuba, and we look ahead to 2015 and 2016. We end with a brief discussion on all the TV series ending their run and Michael’s obsession with American Horror Story Freak Show and remodeling kitchens. Leave your moral compass at the door, it’s time for Ep 15 of Carl and Mike!  

For Show Notes and Links to all episodes go to: carlandmike.net


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Carl and Mike talk about holiday traditions and how a dinner with conservatives leads to questioning what it means to be a conservative. Then we turn to the Senate release of the CIA Torture and Interrogation Report and how it marks the loss of American Exceptionalism. We also go into the Orwellian-Speak around torture. Which leads into a conversation on the Disease of Certainty. Plus dealing with change, loosening Dodd-Frank and feeding the Corporate Beast. Leave your air of invincibility at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!

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Carl and Mike tackle another Big Question, this time about Pope Francis. Is he the real deal or a PR Move to save the Church? 

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On Black, White and Blue, high profile police shootings of unarmed black men across the country, spurs a discussion between Carl and Mike on the police, race relations, multiculturalism, and racism. Plus their thoughts on some potential solutions.

For Show Notes and Links on episodes of Carl and Mike go to: carlandmike.net

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Carl and Mike tackle one Big Question from their 5 Questions in 5 Minutes show. In this inaugural episode they take on What Does It Mean to Be a Man?  Carl and Mike discuss the lack of healthy initiation into manhood today. The need for men to develop emotional intelligence. The four main archetypes a man needs to master to become a fully formed man. They also look at some of the male role models in society today and what they teach about being a man. And they close with the importance of being authentic, even if that means wearing red pants.

Got a Big Question for Carl and Mike?  Go to carlandmike.net and leave your question or comment there.

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On VR (Virtual Reality) – The New Drug, Carl and Mike talk movies, TV, and how Virtual Reality could be the new drug that ends them both. Also what you need to cut the cable cord once and for all.

Then it’s on to talking about the recent events in Ferguson, the reasons behind it and how despite the grand jury forgoing going to trial, things may not be exactly how it appears or has been portrayed in the media. Plus the recent report on Benghazi, climate change and what we can do to make a difference.

Leave the last vestiges of your soul at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!



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